Perspective.info is the new online version of the indispensable legal and regulatory information service for the UK pensions industry.

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The Guide for Pension Trustees is a leading source of analysis and guidance for trustees and other pensions personnel.

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Features of Perspective.info

Video on Perspective 

In this short film some of the leading pensions professionals give their thoughts on why Perspective is essential within the UK pensions industry.

Why you need Perspective


Minimise Risk

Can you afford to make a wrong decision or give incorrect advice in an area as technically complex as UK pensions? Minimise the risk and be confident in your research by using Perspective.


Save Time and Money

Perspective frees pensions professionals from a time-consuming research effort so they can concentrate on giving advice. The easy-to-use system provides immediate access to relevant materials.


Enjoy Added Value

Perspective’s unique functionality has been designed and conceived with the pensions industry. Access a comprehensive range of up-to-date documents within seconds, with historic and annotated versions just a click away.


Join Our Community

Highly valued by its users, Perspective can be found in the offices of most major advisors, Government departments and regulators, as well as a growing range of pension funds and financial institutions. Use Perspective to share information with clients and colleagues with ease.


Access Knowledge Anywhere

Our new online system allows you to use Perspective wherever and whenever you need it.

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